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  • The university will be able to generate electricity while reducing its production of greenhouse gases

  • The solar carports will provide shade and comfort to the students and faculty

  • Parking spots will now cover cars from heat while generating electricity

  • Large scale transmission lines will not need to be built since electricity will be transported much shorter distances, further decreasing infrastructure costs

  • This will further decrease the United States’ carbon footprint

  • Increased demand for solar will generate more jobs in the solar industry

  • Infrastructure cost

  • Converting parking lots into energy sources would help to reduce the global emissions of greenhouses gases into the atmosphere

  • The solar carport will produce 7 million KWh of electricity in a year, which reduces CO2 emissions by 5,599 Tons per year.

  • The carports will provide clean energy that will power parking lot C, East garage and university offices

  • Implementation of the solar carport will reduce the amount of coal used in coal-fired electric plants

  • This reduction in coal usage reduces environmental impact associated with coal fired electric plants

  • This enables future generations to meet their needs with in a better environment

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